Most common concrete waterproofing problems are the result of cracks in the concrete. Moisture permeates the tiny breaks in the concrete substrate and in colder climates enlarges them to full-fledged leaking cracks by expansion/contraction resulting from freeze/thaw cycle of the moisture.

As the ground around the footing or foundation stabilises, any movement can cause the rigid concrete substrate to separate at these tiny breaks in the concrete, enlarging them to a water-leaking size.

Hydroproof specialise in injection waterproofing methods which involves remedial works when the building is experiencing failure. Injection methods involve low-pressure applications and high-pressure injection.

Our high quality products are made to endure the Australian weather so you can be assured that we will provide you with a long lasting solution.

Hydroproof have over 20 years injection waterproofing. Give us a call on 0417 863 127 today for an obligation-free quote!

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